INTERVIEW // YAYA and FELIN about the process leading to "It's Alright"

MEET YAYA AND FELIN. You might know them from their separate projects. Both of them creating explosive electronic tunes. YAYA with her unique feature of combining pop with classical ballet. FELIN (Elin Blom and Fredrik Etoall) with rattling guitars and voguish audiovisual work.

In this post, these vibrant artists tells us how a collaboration between two, hit- spitting strangers started. A collusion that lead to the creation of It's Alright that was released earlier this summer.

It all started at a songwriting camp for female producers. YAYA and FELIN clicked directly when It's Alright took it's shape. The message came to reflect the fact that life is here and now. That although things does not always turn out the way we plan - in the end, it will all be alright.

Through out the creative process YAYA and FELIN visualized a long train of women of different ages to represent the message. And so their friends who thought it was both fun and important, gathered to create the train that would come to form the music video theme. A work of art captured an early summer night in Stockholm.

"We wanted to collect as many as possible and yell It's alright, It is all is okay, you are fine just the way you are."

The video is directed by Lina söderström who for instance has produced videos for the Neo- Mystore star, hero and enthusiast Olle Grafström.

"I wanted to capture YAYA and FELIN just as they are, strong characters and amazing on camera. I wanted to make an intimate, strong emotional video of a secret, an anticipation of something else, a magical force."

The fact that both YAYA and FELIN invest in sharp audiovisual artistry is a thing that undoubtedly show. We find that the video leaves a strong nostalgic feel and an encouragement to somehow get even with your younger self. Why not embody that unbreakable bond within? That bond that is to be your own best friend.

We wish the best of luck to YAYA and FELIN moving ahead. We sure hope to see more brilliant minds like these two come together!

More about the solo- projects

FELIN is a creative, audiovisual duo consisting of the songwriter and performer Elin Blom and photographer Fredrik Etoall. Since the debut single Revolt was released last year, it has frequently been played on P3 and on the radio in Finland. Since then FELIN has played in in Sweden, Finland, Germany and Spain. FELIN has also engaged in an exiting collaboration with the artist and performer Ola Salo.

YAYA released her debut single Bad Girls earlier this spring. She writes her own music and produce both for herself and others. With roots in classical ballet YAYA strives to combine pop music with a strong visual expression. During the past year YAYA has been working in Gottefar Studio where she was mentored by producers and artists like Magnus LidehällSalem Al Fakir and Vincent Pontare.