INTERVIEW // LNKAY about music, life and an insightful inner journey

Photographer: Kitty Lingmerth / Lingmerth Photography & Arts. 

Photographer: Kitty Lingmerth / Lingmerth Photography & Arts. 

We had the great opportunity to talk with the singer, songwriter and feminist champion LNKAY (Ellen Stokstad) about her previous work, inner journey, aspirations and what’s to come. 

It is a crazy rainstorm outside when we meet Ellen at her favorite Café, perfectly located near the artist's studio in central Stockholm. Warmed up by a cup of coffee Ellen starts to talk about her interesting choice of name. The pseudonym came to life inspired by the 18th century Swedish feminist icon Ellen Key, Ellen says, although her pseudonym carry a much more up to date symbolism;

“Ellen Key had some weird opinions, but she was a feminist of her time, just as I am of one of my time”.

The name reveals the symbolism behind Ellen’s music as a carrier of a feminist undertone. Ellen want’s to meditate the message "that you own your own sexuality and are never obligated to take shit from anyone". She also strive to tell the listener "that it is okay to just exist, to feel bad and resist being a good girl". 

“I believe women need to hear that everything is okay now and then. That we are okay just the way we are”. 

This far the artist has released two singles, that is Hurricane (her debut in 2015) and Overload (released in 2016). Ellen explains that overload was created early during the process, co- written and produced by her now permanent colleague and partner David Husberg.

Besides creating music for LNKAY, Ellen and David is today doing half time work writing and co- producing for other artists.

“It is very inspiring having the privilege to work both as an artist and a songwriter. To be a songwriter actually gives me just as much as being LNKAY” Ellen explains. 
Photographer: Kitty Lingmerth / Lingmerth Photography & Arts. 

Photographer: Kitty Lingmerth / Lingmerth Photography & Arts. 

Ellen’s work permeates a varying spectra of genres that is everything from soul to pop and hip hop. In other words, she is working diligently in many different areas, not to mention leading the network and initiative Musikgäris as well as she’s working with the equality initiative Femme Pop

As Ellen is reaching her aspirations when arranging clubs for women in pop as well as she’s growing as an artist and songwriter by the day, Ellen says that it hasn’t always been easy and that it never really is. 

It was during the spring of 2016 when Ellen came to the painful realization that she was depressed and had been for several years. Gathering all strenght possible she then decided to do everything she could to overcome the disease. 

“When you start talking about mental illness you realize that there is much people around you feeling the same way”. 

Ellen explains that one rescue came to be to talk about it out loud. The music was also helpful as to create a space to articulate the illness. Because of this painful but also insightful journey, LNKAY is now forming a sound that is closer to her heart then ever before, a sound that shows more of who she is, she says.

“I want to take another step, to undress and show who I really am, cause we need to see people doing that, especially women revealing the fact we can act and be in many different ways”

Today Ellen is feeling at her best and more energized and productive then ever. As we speak, she is working on her new material to come out this spring. As a hint, Ellen tells us that the up coming work has been created in collaboration with new partners. A music video will come out as well, stay tuned people! 

We can't wait to hear the result of this inspiring, artistic and inner journey. A million thanks to our dear new friend and inspiration LNKAY who we wish all the best ahead!

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