VIDEO RELEASE // "Keep My Head Up" - LNKAY

Photo: Vilhelm Stokstad

Photo: Vilhelm Stokstad

LNKAY aka Ellen Stokstad is back with the new bouncy hit 'Keep My Head Up' - A positive mantra that encourages dancing when life is tough. 

In our last interview with LNKAY, the artist revealed that she had suffered from a depression during a long period in her life. The single "Keep My Head Up" is her way to express herself musically in this subject;

"I wrote this song meanwhile trying to get out of the depression that I was suffering from. The songwriting helped me to get up on my feet again. I'm hoping that listening to it will do the same for the listeners" 

To create a video for the song, LNKAY went abroad together with the film makers Edvard Stokstad and David Husberg. The whole idea of filming in a different country was to strengthen the feeling of alienation. 

"We believed that directing a video in a different environment, without telling the audience where we made it would be more interesting. At the same time we didn't want it to be a touristic vibe to the film, so we choose the same kind of scenery that we would have picked no matter what country we would have been in"

When we watched this video we felt touched and caught up by the vibe that LNKAY is delivering. We believe that she portrays a state of mind that many others out there will relate to. She is vulnerable and shows sadness and hope, all in one dance. In some way, some how she is able to dance her way forward, pretending that it's all okay, until it is.