Photo: Isabel Lindström

Photo: Isabel Lindström

FANACY aka Fanny Wahlqvist has released a new singel "Haha Wawa". This is her first self produced song and was made in collaboration with the producer Cajsa Wallin. The original purpose of this song was to write a musical theme for the short film Svajpa Leo by Isabel Lindström. 

Fanny and Isabel had previously collaborated when Isabel made music videos for FANACY's songs Be Your Home and Share Our Blood. This time the collaboration was made in the opposite way. Writing a song from the inspiration of another piece of art was new to FANACY.

"It was very fun to write music for a defined purpose. I directly felt very inspired by Isabel's manuscript that tells an outrageous story about a dating app"

FANACY contributed in the writing of the manuscript, in fact she told Isabel the true story that the film "Svajpa Leo" is based on. The film and the song are about a hunt for love. The chorus line is made up of imaginary words that according to Fanacy are a way of expressing an indescribable feeling. 

"The made up words came to me after I had read the manuscript of Isabel’s film. The main character in the film is so desired that there are no simple words that can describe the feelings that occurs when charming his admirers”. 

The release of Haha Wawa is a taste of FANACY’s first album that is expected later this year. FANACY is currently living in Canada and will spend the summer in Montreal to find inspiration and to work more on her music.