SINGLE RELEASE // YAYA - "Therapist"

"I just wanted to scream straight ut, 'all is fine, we will manage this so-called life". 
YAYA's newest release "Therapist" talks about feelings of gratitude in dramatic minor chords, big synths and echoing drums. One more well- worked pice by a producer and artist with many strings to her bow. 

YAYA manage to convince us once again, that she sure can create innovative hit singles. "Therapist" leaves us with digging necks as well as reasons to reflect, a song with deep dimensions beyond the 80s synths and futuristic sounds. 

YAYA is solely responsible for her own music as well as she's producing for other artists. In her repertoire you'll find a collaborations with other artists, for example: "It's Alright" with FELIN and different DJ remixes (last one was Bishats "Sober", before that, Rebecca & Fiona, Sophia Somajo, VAZ, Dida and others).

This is what great dance music that talks on a deeper level sounds like!