SINGLE RELEASE // Cebratrack - Amygdala


Since 2014, Cebratrack aka. Erica Hallström has been delivering experimental electropop that challenge boundaries in music, mind and ear. Today her newest release "Amygdala" is stuck on our heads, we're talking about a challenging sound on several levels. 

"Recently, I received a diagnosis that made me read a lot about the brain and how it works.
To me, it has served as a great comfort, when I've had sorrow and anxiety, to learn more about what I can do about it. Amygdala is a part of the brain that can trigger stress and fear. That's why I've chosen to name my new song Amygdala. It's about that no matter how much you try, you can not wash away everything that makes you human. Accept that you are human", says Cebratrack.

This artist it the one when it comes to to unexpected but on point harmonies. Not to mention her way of breaking down the laws in pop by adding and tweaking contrasting elements.

More exciting creations from Cebratrack is about to be released soon. Until then, get intrigued by some real interesting innovations on soundcloud!