INTRODUCING // "comfort" by AMKosman

Photo Credit: Daniel Leksell

Photo Credit: Daniel Leksell

AMKosman aka. Adele Marcia has been delivering poetic and experimental pop since 2015. The artist states that honesty is a key ingredient in the musical work. Listening to the newest release comfort we are amazed by one of Adele's most honest moments in life. 

"I make it a mission to be as honest as I possibly can in my work, it is my practice. This song is based on a phrase that revealed itself to me. At first in a long and wordy text. But quickly it dawned to me what it all was about."

This song is touching in many ways. The combination of harmonies, triggering beats and fragile song leaves us with bittersweet emotions. We feel like the song romantize the dull but importaint moments in life, moments that makes us feel alive.

In a visual music video created by the group VAJ.Power, AMKosman's message is delivered with pleasure for eyes and ears.

Today AMKosman is learning more about analog equipment in a new studio and is always gathering inspiration from friends and fun.
Needless to say, we're looking forward to her upcoming creations!