KLUBB TELL HER - Glimpses from the premier

Last night we held the premiere for KLUBB TELL HER at the lush bar Under Barbro in Stockholm. Klubb tell her is a newly formed collaboration between tell her and THE SWEDE BEAT-  a culture project exploring Swedish creativity, founded by the Swedish/American Lydia Kellam. 

The highlight of the evening was the premiere of FANACY's music video to the song I Just Feel Like Dancing

Here is the teaser to the video that will be officially released next week:

The video is created by Max Marklund, a swedish director that has made videos for artists like ILY and De Vet du.

After a very successful night with great company, we are very excited to continue hosting Klubb tell her this fall. The concept is to highlight a special art element/ live performance at each club, combined with a diverse DJ- set. Follow us on FacebookInstagram to see where the club shows up next time!

Lydia (The Swede Beat) 

Lydia (The Swede Beat)