SINGLE RELEASE // "I Just Feel Like Dancing" by FANACY

ARTWORK: Studio Annalog, PHOTO: Isabel Lindström

ARTWORK: Studio Annalog, PHOTO: Isabel Lindström

I Just Feel Like Dancing is about forbidden love. FANACY sings:

”You say that you wannabe with me but I just feel like dancing, movement has grown inside of me you feel it so entrancing”.

This statement highlights the longing for unlimited freedom beyond expectations and demands. That feeling of freedom occurs when the dancing begins. The song originally took shape five years ago and has since developed in collaboration with producer John Hårleman.

”It all started with a strong melody, oriental rhythms and a dramatic chorus. During the collaboration with John the song developed and turned in to a dance hit. The intense beats combined with the nonchalant lyrics makes the song powerful and fierce” - FANACY


"Swedish artist FANACY has gone and proper WOWed us with her brand new single ‘Feel like Dancing’. It’s a delightfully mental slice of synthpop with a banging temperament and an enormously euphoric chorus." - Scancipop

I Just Feel Like Dancing“, a frantic rock-infused production influenced by nineties electropop style and inspired by Lady Gaga’s characteristic synths and Robyn’s catchy melodies and beats." - Ultimate Music

"The breakdown is inspired by Abba or Madonna's "Hung up". But "I Just Feel Like Dancing" is not a copy-paste exercise, but a cohersive song that arose fromFANACY's mind which was unconsciously filled with a melting pot of fantastic female dance tunes" - Indie Pop-Ups

The song is another taste of her upcoming debut EP, expected to be released in November.