INTERVIEW // Black Girl/ White Girl about how it all started and "Gypsy Cats"

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Personal photo

This week we'd like to highlight a duo that is redefining the house- techno underground scene in a most brilliant and ground breaking way - Black Girl / White Girl.

In 2014 Ty & Karin released their first tracks on Madtech, Nervous and Love & OtherSince then the group has been taking over the night scene. With groovy drumbeats, heavy, unpredictable basslines and distinct synthesizers, BGWG is bringing the future in house and techno.

Earlier this week the new single Gypsy Cats was released. Tell her got the opportunity to take part of BGWG's thoughts behind Gypsy Cats and the story of how it all began.

How was it that Gypsy Cats came to life?

 "We wrote this track it in a period when we were going through a pretty hard time, so you could say that writing 'Gypsy Cats' was part of our healing process. Music really is the best medicine, and it definitely helps to push through those bad moments and come out of it stronger than ever. So I guess you could say that we hope this track might be that ray of light for people going through hard times. With hope and faith, everything is going to be alright."

Ty & Karin met during The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) in 2012.

"We had So much, that we decided that given the fact that our music tastes are so similar, we should do a little project together".

The collaboration turned out to be very successful and in 2014 Ty & Karin had their first official release which was followed up by a tour in 2015.

"Now, it's going better than ever with our music and we are developing our own sound. There are a bunch of exciting things on the way, like us releasing on the label Great Stuff later this year and a 3 track EP we have coming out in 2017 on one of our favorite labels. Some might say we work too hard.. But we always want more, bigger and better.." 

Black Girl White Girl find their inspiration from a variety of music, a couple of electronic music producers that they admire are Doorly, Green Velvet, Catz n Dogz and Huxley: 

"They always seem to have that magic touch. So we like to try and incorporate our own magic sauce into our productions. We've said it many times before, inspiration can be found anywhere. When it hits, you better be ready to let it lead the way".

Lately Black Girl White Girl have been aiming to produce music geared towards the more underground house vibes, but it'll always be a combination of different influences, moods, and vibes. They state that that is what makes each one of their tracks quite unique and different. 

We wish BGWG the best of luck in their continued artistry!