VIDEO RELEASE // FANACY about the shooting of "I Just Feel Like Dancing"

We're excited to announce the video release for FANACY's new single I Just Feel Like Dancing!

The video is directed and produced by Max Marklund who has, amongst other amazing stuff, created the video for the Swedish artist ILY’s song Magic . The video is inspired by the mystery and drama behind David Lynch’s work. Similar to FANACYs previous videos, the artist continues to play new roles and and in this video FANACY has a dual personality: On one hand, she is hysterically hungry for pleasures and love- and on the other hand, caught up in frustrations over liberating limitations.

”The song is about forbidden love and the longing for unlimited freedom. It was so fun to act out totally unrestrained and fierce. I released my inner desires in a crazy outburst, I loved it!” - FANACY

I Just Feel Like Dancing is FANACYs third video after the videos for ’Share Our Blood’ and ’Be Your Home’  . FANACYs first EP is expected in November.